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About ESG Virtual Wellness Series

Founded in 2005, Enterprise Sports Group Pte Ltd (ESG) is a leading homegrown wellness marketing agency in Singapore. For the past 15 years, we have organized many proprietary health and wellness events for families and women with young children. 

In 2018, we took a step towards Workplace Health Promotion. We were appointed by Health Promotion Board (HPB) as the corporate outreach agency for National Steps Corporate Challenge, Singapore’s biggest corporate health campaign and achieved a 60% record increase with 1,100+ companies and 160,000+ staff participated. 

In response to COVID-19, we held our first virtual workplace event on 6 May 2020 and organized our first ESG Proprietary Virtual Workplace Event on 29 July 2020 with 40+ companies and 700 staff participated.

We believe remote working is here to stay.  As part of our continuous effort to empower the workforce and play an active role in advancing Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative, we launched the ESG Virtual Wellness Series.

Sharing is Caring Your Staff

Prolonged remote working could take a toll on staff cohesion due to a lack of interpersonal engagement, apart from virtual work meetings. Doing little things for your staff to empower their well-being by inviting them to our free virtual wellness events can make a big difference in showing you care, despite physical limitations.

Good Reasons for You to Care 

59% staff are engaged in SG, least in Asia


Engaged Staff are 87% less likely to leave their job 

(Corporate Leadership Council)

Engaged Staff are 22% more productive 

(Gallup Organization)

Engaging Your Staff Costs Nothing

Organizing your own staff engagement events are great, but taxing and time-consuming. Plus, it means extra work for you. Use technology to your advantage and leverage on shared economy to engage your staff at no cost. Register for Exclusive (by-invite) & Free staff invites to the ESG Virtual Wellness series and leave the monthly remote staff engagement and corporate wellness to us. 

Why Join ESG Virtual Wellness Series?

  • Show you care, engage your remote staff and improve their well-being on a consistent, monthly basis
  • Exclusive (by-invite only) and FREE for all your staff
  • No minimum staff attendance or maximum limit 
  • Curated across different monthly medical or wellness themes by expert speakers 
  • ALL-IN-ONE, engaging virtual experiences - LEARN. INTERACT. PLAY. SHOP
  • Join the growing community of 100+ companies and their 100,000+ employees

Not the one-way webinar or one-off virtual event you know of..

LEARN from Live Sessions with expert speakers

Expert speakers

INTERACT  with  expert speakers and network with attendees


SHOP  at e-bazaar for Lifestyle & Wellness products at special deals

PLAY to win prizes from quizzes and contests


Join the Trusted Big Community of 100+ Companies!

Since August 2020, we have over 100 companies with total workforce of over 100,000 from Deloitte, 3M, KPMG, Shell, HP, Keppel, City Development Limited, Nanyang Polytechnic, Attorney’s Generals–Chambers and Rajah & Tann etc 

"Staff registration smashed our previous face to face activity attendance by nearly 50%, I knew we had done the right thing collaborating with ESG. "


Upcoming Virtual Events

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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Are your events chargeable? 
No. Our virtual events are completely Exclusive (by-invite) and Free for you and all your staff based in Singapore. ESG is committed in helping you to improve staff well-being at no cost. If you are keen to have your own customised virtual events exclusively for your staff, drop us an email at for a paid, bespoke virtual event.

2. Are your events open to the public? 
No. Our virtual events are Exclusive (by-invite) to companies who have signed up for the ESG Virtual Wellness Series. We welcome you and your staff based in Singapore to get families and friends join us. 

3. Is there any minimum staff attendance required?
No minimum staff attendance required, or maximum limit.

4. Who else are joining your events?
Our growing Community of over 100 companies and their 100,000+ employees including MNCs, SMEs and Government institutions have joined our virtual events since August 2020. And we have new companies signing up every month too.

5. Will there be any hardselling? 
NO hardselling. Our virtual events are educational, with a focus on empowering participants with valuable knowledge about prevention, early detection or management. While there is some promotion offers from our partners' services, your staff can decide whether to take up the exclusive offers.

6. I want to register my company, how do my staff sign up for the events?
I. You can register one-time online for free staff invites to the ESG Virtual Wellness Series
II. We will send you the staff EDM, containing the list of upcoming virtual events and the event registration link, for you to email to your staff on a monthly basis.

III. Your staff can select the virtual events they are interested in attending, register directly online and receive an event registration confirmation from ESG immediately
IV. We will send reminders to your staff prior to the event

V. We will update you of the total registration count within 7 days after the event. You can include this as part of your remote staff engagement and wellness initiative.

7. Too good to be true?
You are right. Over 100 companies have recognized the benefit and joined our virtual events. As the leading agency for Corporate Wellness and Staff Engagement, we tap into digital transformation and shared economy to empower our workforce community efficiently. Your consistent participation in our events will enable us to provide more, with less. We hope to defray some costs with our partners and sponsors to deliver a more optimal virtual experience for your staff. Of course, we also welcome any donation from your side....


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